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Food Category Action Plans

This page provides information on the Food Category Action Plans developed for each food category under the Food and Health Dialogue.

Under the Dialogue, Food Category Action Plans are developed following agreement on reformulation and, where appropriate, portion sizing and consumer messaging targets for each food category. The Plans provide industry endorsement of the targets and outline how industry will work towards achieving agreed targets.

Over time, action plans will be developed for each priority food category identified by the Reformulation Working Group and will be posted to this site. The Food and Health Dialogue will closely monitor the progress of industry towards meeting agreed actions.

To assist with monitoring progress under the Dialogue, Food Standards Australia New Zealand has been engaged by the Department to undertake dietary exposure analyses. These analyses will estimate the potential impact on population intakes of specified nutrients as a result of food reformulation activities under the Food and Health Dialogue.

Further information on monitoring methods will be included in each food category action plan.

To date, Category Action Plans have been endorsed for the Bread, Ready-to-eat Breakfast Cereal, Simmer Sauce, and Processed Meat, Soup and Savoury Pie categories.